OPI Nail Envy

In one word to describe this product I would use wowza. Its not many times I will say that a product has changed my life. However I am going to make an exception today and give this product the review it deserves.  

My nails have looked like crap for some time now, I keep biting them and I know its wrong, but its one of those habits that some people cannot break. After seeing lots of peoples post on all the pretty summer nail polishes they were wearing I was super jealous of how good their nails look so I thought its about time I stopped biting and started growing. 

I took to twitter to find out some good products and a lot of people recommend OPI nail envy, I knew this carried a heavy price tag of around  €26 so I was a little in doubt but then a follower told me that TK Maxx had them for €12.99, ding ding ding, I was in like a shot. Don't you just love TK Maxx for their bargains. 

When I first got this someone told me to apply three coats if your nails are in a bad way. The bottle recommends two but I applied the three and then 2 every other day. Within a week I started seeing growth. My nails felt so much stronger, like they could take on the world (so cheesy) they looked healthy aswell. Two weeks of applying every other day they were growing the fastest they had ever grown, I was now able to start wearing nail polish again without looking like a small infant child who paints her nails with her mothers polish. 

I now apply this product twice a week to keep my nails strong and I love it. It has literally changed my whole nail regime. Its that good I would buy it at full price. My nails have never been so strong, they haven't snapped or even split. They look great aswell and I love the fact I now have nails. Girls if you bite your nails, stop now and think of the endless choice of polish and designs you can do. Groomed nails can finish an outfit. 

Overall an excellent product, that I highly recommend. 

Have you tried OPI Nail Envy? 

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