Sephora Blush In Orange Pop

Sephora Blush In Orange PopSephora Blush In Orange PopSephora Blush In Orange Pop

Sephora makeup is a brand that I thought was a little over priced. Most of its products were average, nothing really stood out to me, however the last few times I have ventured into a Sephora I have come across some pretty awesome finds, this blush in Orange Pop is one of them.

I own three Sephora blushes and while they are pretty, none of them are amazing, the pigmentation is ok nothing special, one of them is a pretty glitter one but it breaks down so quick that i'm just left with a huge glittery mess on my cheeks. However Orange Pop is like the total opposite for the rest. Its a shade that I would reach for everyday and if leaves the most gorgeous flush of colour on the cheeks. 

This blush has a complete matte finish which I love, its looks more natural and works great if you have larger pores. The colour is an orange/ peachy shade that looks so good on the cheeks, most people might think orange blush, no way. Yet this blush is gorgeous. Its a shade I thought I wouldn't wear but I am so glad I bought it. The pigmentation is great, it doesn't last all day but i find most blushes tend to disappear throughout the day anyway. Its very easy to wear aswell considering it is such a bright shade. Applied lightly it looks great or applied with a heavier hand it looks as equally as nice. 

Overall a great blush, I think is totally worth picking up if you are near a Sephora. I can see myself using this blush for a long time. Its such a versatile shade that looks great with most makeup looks. It retails for €10.90 or $14

Have your tried this blush? 

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