Sephora Highlighter In Rose

Rose Gold Highlighter
close up of rose gold highlighter
A rose gold highlighter from sephora
I am a self confessed highlighter aholic. I can't get enough of shimmering powder, I am seriously addicted. While I was in Sephora in July, I picked up this one from the Sephora own brand, I must say the price and the design totally sucked me in, little did I know I would fall in love with it.

This highlighter is finely packed with shimmer and glitter and has a rosy pink tone to it. Once applied to the skin it gives the most naturalist gleam to the cheeks. Its one of the highlighters that doesn't give you that glittery mess. Which I actually prefer, I don't know about you but I hate when the gleam wears off and you have all this glitter splattered all over your face. I actually think this highlighter is a great dupe for Mac MSF Soft and Gentle, its practically the same colour once applied maybe a tad more pinker, but its a little more muted. So people who like the thought of Mac MSF S&G but are worried about being OTT, this is your guy. I guess it is the quieter sister from another mister.

This highlighter lasts pretty much through out  the whole day depending on you skin type. It looks as good as when you apply it as to when you are going to take it off. I'm not sure if this has been discounted as its not on the Sephora US Website but is on the Sephora France website and it comes in two shades this one and a more golden shade. The only thing I don't like about this highlighter is the fact that the lid is so tightly packed that when you try to open no matter if you nail polish is made of steel it will chip, so that can be a real pain.

Overall though a gorgeous subtle highlighter that is perfect for people who want a supernatural glow without being too over the top and for maybe people who have super oily skin and don't want to add too much of a gleam to their face.

This highlighter retails for €11.90 and is available in the European Sephoras, as far as I'm aware you cannot buy this in the states anymore.

Have you tried this highlighter? Does it appeal to you?


  1. Aw man! Why would they take these away from the US! So gorgeous

    1. i have no idea why they would stop doing this. such a shame.


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