Sephora Pore Clarifying Mask

Sephora Pore Clarifying Mask Sephora Pore Clarifying Mask
Oh how I love a good face mask, I picked this one up in Sephora in Barcelona. My skin was all dried out from the sun and so I wanted something to bring it back to life and for a mere €2.50 for two sachets I couldn't resist.

Usually I avoid clarifying masks when I have to go somewhere as they tend to push all my spots to the surface and the next day I look terrible, however this mask, did not to that. Which was a huge relief, it may have been how it is applied and the whole application. The instructions say to apply to the face leave for 1 minute then rub in and wash off.The application couldn't be more easier, its so easy to apply as its literally glides onto your skin like cream and for such a short time on your face it gives the most amazing results. 

The mask left my face so soft and clean looking. It made all the dry areas actual manageable again in terms of trying to get foundation to look half decent. I have quite sensitive skin and this did have a slight fragrance to it, but it did not break me out. Thank the lord. 

Overall a great mask, for anyone who is on a budget or for people who want a skin pick me up but don't have 10-15 mins to sit around and wait for it to do its magic. 

Have you tried this mask? What masks do you like to use?

Sephora Pore Clarifying Mask retails for €2.50 for 2 sachets and can be bought here .

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