The Spending Ban Wishlist

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Of course as soon as I go on a spending ban, products are released and I start to lust after them. Yes I am on a spending ban and don't plan on breaking it for any of these products, but I thought if I put together a wishlist I could maybe treat myself to some of these pretty things when its all over. Maybe this list will give me the will power a severe shopaholic needs, I don't think people realize shopping is a serious addiction. I will need therapy after all of this (slight exaggeration).

Ok so when Wayne Goss aka GossMakeupArtist, announced he was releasing brushes I was so happy, this man knows his stuff about makeup and I was all up for buying them until I saw the price,  £140 was a little too much in my eyes, cause straight away I was converting it to euro and thinking eh eh no way. However after seeing his videos on them and all peoples tweets about the brushes, I am convinced I need them. In my defense, I do use a lot of brushes with my job, but that's no excuse I know. However I really want them, like really want them. Talking of something I need that I don't already have enough of is the Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate autumn 13 palette. Yes another palette full of browns and golds, like I really need this, but seriously how beautiful is this palette. The truth of it all, by the time I will have the money for this it will be out of stock due to it being a seasonal product. Which is sad but C'est La Vie.

Ok a little more in my price range at the moment is Maybelline Pore primer. I love a primer that will banish pores. I have huge pores and I mean huge, so anything that will get rid of them is a must have. I haven't seen many reviews on this yet, so I think I will wait until then to see what people are saying until I buy this one. Lets hope its good anyway. Moving onto lispticks. I stood at the Urban Decay stand for at least 20 minutes swatching and staring at the new Revolution Lipsticks. There was so many colours to choose from so I left them there, but I saw so many posts on peoples blogs about the shade Fiend. Now I am convinced I need this in my life. I will say this though, from just swatching them they seem super creamy and pigmented, so maybe this will be one of those products that will defiantly be bought once the ban is over. 

Moving onto perfume, each year I tell myself I don't need anymore perfume until the others have gone,but we all know that aint true. A few weeks back I was given a sample in Boots of the new Katy Perry Killer Queen perfume and it smells a-mazing, literally the nicest perfume I've smelt in terms of celebrity. I had my heart set on Taylor Swifts new one but after smelling it and what can only be described as an old ladies perfume I decided it wasn't for me, I think Katy Perry Killer Queen will be on the Cardiff shopping list. Lastly is the whole of Lush's Christmas 2013 range, every year I get all excited about the range from Lush. I just love anything to do with Christmas so when I can get a Father Christmas soap etc, I get too excited and end up buying it all. I will be stocking up on Snow Fairy without a doubt and this year I got my eye on the santa kiss balm and lip scrub. Excited is too understated of a word for this one. 

So there you go. What are you lusting after this month. Any recommendations for when the ban is over? 

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