Top 5 Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes

Sleek, Urban decay, mua, stila and soap of glory palettes.

Sleek, Urban decay, mua, stila and soap of glory palettes.

I love a good neutral eyeshadow palette.They are the ones that get used the most and so I always seem to buy them, even though there is only so many shades of brown one should own, however I feel some palettes have that little something that makes the stand out from the others. I have put together my top 5 palettes to show you.  

If you are new to makeup or just want to expand your collection a neutral palette is the way to go. I'll start with the budget friendly ones and then make my way to the more expensive ones. Starting off with super budget friendly Heaven & Earth Palette from MUA.  This palette offers 12 shadows some are matte and the others are shimmery. There is a good range of shades to suit every skin tones as well. The shadows are very pigmented and granted the shimmery ones to tend to have a little of fallout, the price pretty much makes up for that for under €5 for 12 shadows this truly is a steal. Next is one from Sleek. I love the sleek palettes so when they released a neutral palette or Au Natural as its called I was delighted. This palette is a tad more expensive than the MUA one but the quality is great so totally worth buying. Again it comes with 12 shades, more matte shades and less shimmery but I actually like the ratio in this palette. A great selection of colours to suit all skin tones and a great little palette. Next is the Soap & Glory Whats Nude Palette.  This palette is a quad and is a awesome palette at that. It comes with 4 shades all very wearable and the texture and pigment is great. These colours make great blending out creases shades as they are buttery and so easy to work with. This palette is a fail safe palette in term of if you were new to makeup and had no idea what sort of look to go for. 

Moving onto higher end. Stila In The Light Palette is a new edition to my collection. This palette is absolutely gorgeous. The shades are lovely,ranging from matte and shimmery to glittery. I have to say this is all time favourite Nudey palette. The texture of the shadows are lovely the blend like a dream and have great pigmentation. Lastly is the infamous Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. I really love this palette, it comes to all my makeup jobs with me and its a definite staple in my kit and makeup bag. It consist of 12 shades some matte but most are shimmery. I'm not 100% sure if this is still available. I never see it on the Urban Decay stand anymore so maybe only the original is available, which I previously owned but I dropped it on a tiled floor and that was the end of that one. If Naked 2 is not available, the origianl Naked is just as nice. 

So there you go, my favorite neutral palettes. What are some of your favourite neutral palettes? 


  1. Lusting after that Stila palette

  2. You should get it. Treat yourself :)

  3. I love my naked 2 and my original naked palette - I also have a little quad you got me from essence and I think that's my most used palette ever!! xx

  4. I love the heaven and earth palette by MUA, so cheap and it's pretty good quality but I'd love to try the Naked palette for real rather than just dupes like Undressed by MUA etc.


  5. Amazing choices! I have the heaven & earth palette and the Stila one and I adore them both!

    Lucy x

    1. love the stila one, so glad i bough it. thanks for commenting x


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