Acne Journey- Giving Up Dairy Products

I have so much info to tell you all that I'm am going to do a whole video on, but I wanted to write a little post on it aswell. You might want to get a cup of tea and put your feet up for this one.

My skin has dramatically changed in the last 5 months. I was getting sick back in May and I had no Idea why, every day I would wake up fine, as soon as I ate breakfast, I was bloated and my stomach was sore. With that I was suffering with indigestion and heartburn. I have never had pain like it so I took to the internet to find out what I could do for Heartburn etc. I read drinking a glass of milk is a huge lifesaver. So I did this and I was slowly increasing my dairy intake. My stomach was getting more swollen and I felt like crap. A few days of drinking an excess amount of milk. My skin looked like crap. I had huge spots under the skin and all in clusters on my chin, it was horrible. They were really sore aswell.

I took to the internet again and found that I could be Lactose Intolerant. It would explain a lot, with drinking the milk, my stomach was swelling up and my skin was horrendous. As you know if you read my blog I have had acne for a long time. I have always eaten dairy, cheese, milk, chocolate. I never thought anything of it. It was only as I was increasing my milk intake to deal with the heartburn that my skin reacted worse than ever. 

I gave up dairy all together and currently live on a dairy free and gluten free diet to help with the bloating. I also cannot eat gluten, which is hugely common. The doctors told me some people simply cant handle gluten and therefore are better off without it. With these diet changes. My skin has improved so much, Its 90% clearer, I do have acne scarring and the only time I break out is when I have a period, which is pretty normal for girls anyway, but they aren't sore spots just red dots. 

At the current moment my skin is broken out. Around a month ago, I went to the doctors to get something to help make my periods more regular. I was put on birth control. 2 weeks into the tablets my skin was breaking out and my stomach was sore. I looked up the ingredients and found out that the pill contained Lactose. I stopped taking them straight away. I was told there is no birth control pill that doesn't contain lactose which is a huge shame. My skin is recovering from that and is still sore. I am continuing my Dairy and Gluten free diet ( I can't eat gluten at all) and I am hoping it will sort itself out. 

I am not saying if you have acne, then you need to give up lactose and dairy. This might not work for everyone, However I do recommend maybe eliminating Dairy from your diet for a month or two and see if you notice any difference in your skin. I will be doing a separate post on my current skincare which will be up real soon. Until then, I hope this post helped and if you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment. 


  1. I gave up dairy (well, milk and yoghurts mainly, can't give up cheese entirely!!) and I found it really helped with my skin. I suffer from some (mild at this stage) hormonal acne and my skin improved hugely due to my cutting out milk. I'm substituting it with almond milk in my porridge & it's actually quite tasty ;)

  2. I actually love Almod milk. It's really nice and tesco do lovey dairy free yougurts. for hormonal acne I use spearmint tea. Has helped a lot. Don't get any spots on my chin anymore. :) x

  3. Omg I think I'd miss dairy to much. I love my cups of tea and cheese toasties. My skin is breaking out a fair but lately but I think it's due to not getting enough sleep as I've dark circles too. I haven't beef sleeping right all. Hopefully everything sorts itself out for you Hun xx

  4. I started to cut out dairy two days ago. I was getting the same thing as you where I'd be fine, but then feel really bloated after my breakfast. So now I'm using almond milk instead. Also, I have suffered with acne for a long time and I am hoping that eliminating dairy will help my skin. Hope it works for you too :)


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