Beauty Blog Spotlight- Lovely Jubbly Blog

Beauty Blog Spotlight- Lovely Jubbly Blog

So as a new feature on the blog, which will be going up twice a month on a Saturday. I will be doing a Beauty Blog Spotlight, where I showcase my favourite beauty blogs. I just thought this would be a fun way to discover some new blogs and share the love. To kick it all off, I am going to be mentioning Lovely Jubbly Blog, which is run by the lovely Jess. 

I first starting talking to Jess on twitter after we both discovered we had so much in common. Jess lives in Wales and I was born in Wales in fact the same city as Jess and the weird thing of it all was we knew the same people (school classsmates etc)  I moved to Ireland just before I started High School so if I hadn't had moved, Jess and I would have been in the same school. So that's how I discovered Jess's blog. 

Lovely Jubbly Blog is a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog, so there is something there for everyone. What I love about Jess's blog is you will always find affordable products that are realistic in terms of buying yourself. I love high end products featured on blogs, but most of the time, I don't have spare cash to splurge all the time, so its nice to know that drugstore makeup etc is being honestly reviewed. Another thing I love is Jess has a cute, girly style, like myself and I find myself loving everything that is featured on her blog. I highly recommend this blog. You will love it, with honest reviews, affordable products and ultimate girly ness, you be mad not to read this blog. 

I have become good friends with Jess since discovering her blog and we have met up and Jess is a lovely person and without sounding like a soppy person, I have found a true friend in Jess. 

So there you go. An all round blog, with a bit of everything and a lovely author. What more could you want.

What blogs do you love? 

Click here to go to Jess's Blog

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