Current Beauty Wishlist #3 (Cardiff Edition)

With 30 days and counting until I go to Cardiff, I decided to put together a wishlist. You all know I love creating wishlists and considering I have been on a spending ban since the end of September it was no wonder I would go crazy. 

Ok I'll start with skincare, after seeing GhostParties and Essiebutton talk about the Make A Difference cream from Origins, it was no wonder I would want this. As you know everything Ghostparties mentions on her channel in terms of skincare I have to buy, she is skincare queen in my eyes. So I really need this cream. The next skincare item I need is from REN, I got a sample of this in this Novembers issue of InStyle magazine, I have a post on it here. This is REN's Hydra Calm Cleansing Milk. I loved this and I really want the full size version. Its takes off your makeup so easily and leaves the skin so soft. 

Now onto makeup, my favourite thing in the world apart from my dog. First up is Mac's Cream Cup. I have wanted this lipstick like forever. I always look at it in Mac, but never end up buying it so In November I am going to take the plunge and just buy it.  Next the mother of all lipstick and that is a Tom Ford one. Now I have wanted a Tom Ford item of makeup since forever but with the lipsticks coming in at €45 I may be stupid when it comes to spending money, but i'm not insane €45 is honestly crazy. These retail for £34 in the UK so I think I can justify that. I'm not sure what shade I want yet though, so leave some recommendations below.  Lastly in terms of lip products I really want to get my hands on the Sleek Matte Me lipstick/lipglosses. The look super divine and of course if its a lipstick I need it. 

Moving onto face makeup. I am still lusting after the Nars Creamy Concealer, my plan after failing to get it in Barcelona was to buy it on Asos but they don't stock it anymore and with the Nars site not having my shade, I said I would wait until I went to Wales. In terms of my foundation lust lists, I am currently eyeing up the YSL Youth Liberator foundation. I have seen such raves reviews about this one and with my skin finally starting to clear up I cannot wait to wear less coverage foundation, even though this is meant to have pretty good coverage. I will get a sample thought before I buy as this one is a tad expensive. Lastly is Hair care, I'm not usually one to care what my hair looks like, but I've been using a lot of different products.and I have been hearing a lot of things about Bumble & Bumble Dry Spun, its meant to give volume and also acts like a dry shampoo. I can't wait to get it. 

So there you go. I know I will be broke by the end of the holiday but I don't care. You only live once, so what the heck. I am going shopping with my lovely friend Jess from Lovely Jubbly Blog, so she will have to stop me when I start going a little too crazy. 


  1. Great lust list, you'll love the NARS creamy concealer it's the biz!

  2. Thanks Hun, I have wanted that concealer for ages :)


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