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I was never one to care about my hair until I started growing it. Longer hair needs constant care and so I have added a few haircare items to my everyday routine. I usually apply a little bit of the products and leave my hair dry natural to avoid heat damage and because I am super lazy and drying my hair is like doing the Christmas dishes....long but something that needs to be done.

I got a cute little container from my lovely friend Jess and I decided to put all my everyday haircare into it and show you all what I use. First up is my Tangle Teezer, this is something I love, it gets rid of knots and doesn't hurt. I think I need a new one at the moment thou as this one has seriously had its day. Either way, I don't know what I would do without it. I haven't touched a regular brush since buying this.  When I actually dry my hair with a hairdryer I always use my favourite heat protector and that is Lee Stafford Poker Straight Shine Mist. This smells amazing and leaves the hair super soft, doesn't weigh it down and does a great job at protecting the hair. 

A new edition to my collection is a replenishing balm from Kerastaste, this is like a little miracle product, it helps dry ends which I tend to get in the colder months and your hair will never feel as soft as it will while using this balm. I highly recommend it. Next onto a product I don't use everyday but I use on days when I curl my hair and want some extra bounce and volume. Bumble & Bumble thickening hairspray is the only product for the job, it adds instant volume and body. I will say this though, if you have very thick hair, use only a small amount of this as I have overdone it and ended up looking a bit like a game of thrones extra (serious hair overload) Another new edition is also from my friend Jess and its an Argan Oil, I do love the odd argan oil, they leave the hair so shiny and healthy looking and help out on those days when you want your hair to look super sleek, this is no exception, it does an amazing job and smells great aswell. 

So that's how I keep my hair looking half decent for the public eye. What products do you use for you hair?


  1. I've been dying for a tangle teezer! I need something to tame my wild hair! Great post! :) x

    Heroine In Heels

    1. Tangle Teezers are the bomb, you have to get one. Thanks for commenting :) x


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