Nails Inc Electric Avenue Nail Polish

a silver glitter polish

a silver glitter polish

a silver full on glitter polish

Whats more prettier than a sparkly nail polish? Maybe a glitter nail polish that applies so well and only takes 2 coats. That's exactly what Nails Inc Electric Avenue is, the perfect glitter polish.

This polish really only takes 2 coats to look good. Usually I find glitter polishes are more clear bases with a hint of glitter but this is full on glitter. It does have a gritty texture like most glitter polishes but that is easily fixed with a clear top coat. Its also super easy to apply. Its not gloppy and it dries pretty quick. In terms of wear time I have had this on for 3 days and it has just started to chip. Pretty good huh?

I think if you are looking for a glitter top coat or a overall glitter polish in general this is your guy. Its opaque and so pretty. I can not recommend it enough.  


  1. Wow..that is some serious sparkle on there..Love the shade.

    1. me too, its a great glitter polish :)

  2. This looks amazzingggggg on! Such a must for the Christmas party season!


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