Top 3 Beauty Magazines

Allure, Seventeen, Two Magazine

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in bed and reading your favorite magazine. I for one love it and in particular as a makeup artist, I love makeup magazine, there aren't that many but I have picked my top 3 for all age groups.

First up is Allure. I love this magazine, it truley is the makeup artist insiders magazine and of course any makeup lover will love it. It has a bit of everything in it from high end makeup to skincare tips to how to achieve perfect hair, this one is an all rounder. This magazine will have you drooling for the next luxury product. I will say its aimed more towards the 18 up age group, mainly because everything featured in this magazine is high end and the language of the magazine is a little more grown up. However people under 18 can certainly read and enjoy this magazine. 

Next up we have Seventeen magazine. This one I love. I actually subscribed to this as I love anything american and all the drugstore makeup gets featured in here and I can get all excited about products that will soon hit Irish shores. Now this is a very broad magazine, you will find fashion, lifestyle, problem aunts, food, exercise routines to interviews with your fave celebs but I love the Beauty sections in this magazine. There are always DIY hair masks or face masks or something along that line, everything featured is affordable and I love the nail sections in this magazine. This is a perfect magazine for makeup beginners who like to keep up with latest fashion and makeup trends.

Lastly is a magazine that is actually free and is suitable for all ages. Pixiwoo have their own magazine called TWO and its packed with all things beauty, you get to see what makeup artists keep in their kit, behind the scenes of photo shoots, interviews with makeup artists, and exclusive tutorials and the photography is amazing in this magazine. This magazine always makes me in the mood to create some looks. I really love this magazine and I'm sure all you will too. 

So there you go, my top 3 Beauty magazines, if you have any recommendations leave a comment below.

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