Weightloss Journey with Before & After Pics

I am always saying, I'm on a diet. I've always been big, bigger than the rest of the girls. I have tried numerous diets and nothing ever stuck, or I gave up. It was in fact the whole blogging and youtube world that hit the nail on the head with how much I actually needed to be slimmer and fitter. I watch so many videos and see so many gorgeous ladies that have great figures and look so healthy. Then I would look at myself and feel like crap. I knew I wanted things to change but I had no will power. I started probably dieting in January 2013, I had a mission to be slimmer for my trip to Paris. 

It all started off with ditching crisps, chocolate and sweets. I actually eat rather healthy, cook all my meals from scratch, I may of had too large of a portion but it wasn't junk food so to speak. I also started working out. I did 30 day shred for 30 days and lost just over a stone. I felt great. When Paris was all over I got stuck in my lazy ways again and started to put weight back on. Then I planned another holiday, this time Barcelona, knowing it would be super hot over there I wanted to look great in a thin strap top and not worry about how fat my arms looked. I did work hard, and it paid off then around 2 months into the diet I was getting reaction to gluten and dairy products (I have a post about it here) and so my whole diet changed and I know not being able to eat gluten and dairy products is a real pain the arse, but it made me loose so much weight. Which got me thinking. You know you see those people who eat all around them and never put on a pound. Yes those people we all despise. Well they must have very fast metabolism. So maybe its what we actually eat that controls how much weight we gain and not how much of things we eat determine out body size. Maybe gluten and diary products had a effect on my body making it slow my metabolism down or have chemical reaction in my body that made me gain weight more. I'm not entirely sure but all I know is that since I've not touched a gluten or dairy free food item, I've lost weight and kept it off. 

 ( Before & After- before all the weight loss and today, in my size 18! Yay!)

I have lost in 6 months (April till now) 3 stones, which may not seem like loads, but I don't workout that much, I eat what I can in terms of not being gluten or dairy, I do eat the odd pack of crisps or sweets. I eat nice meals. I don't count calories, as living like that would drive me insane. I started off a size 24 on top and 22 on bottom way back in January which I then dropped to a 20 on bottom and 22 on top by February. At this very moment I got into a size 18 size pair of jeans the other day and I now wear size 18 top. I still have a long way to go. I hate my wobbly chin and need it to go and I would love to be a size 14 or even a curvy 16 but my real aim is 14. I am really pleased with myself and I really wanted to write this post to inspire people and show  that it is possible. Any body can do it, nothing is impossible, never feel you can never be someone your really want to be. It has took me a long time to write this post as I am a very personal person. I hate people knowing things about me and my weight was a huge embarrassment for me. I felt so ugly and gross and there are days I look at myself and still think that,  but I know deep down I have come so far, to think like that and I know I shouldn't think that about myself but we all have days where we think urh f**k the world.

I hope this post inspires people to follow their dreams and be who they want to be. If not say this to yourself, if Lazy Lauren can do to then you can too. 


  1. Well done on your weight loss journey so far - you've done such an amazing job and you look great for it! :-)
    Laura xx

  2. Well done Lauren, 3 stones is a huge achievement! Getting rid of dairy is good, but what works for me very well is high protein, high fat - Atkins. Swear by this and always feel like a million bucks when im on it :)


    1. I have never actually tried atkins. Might give it a go. :)

  3. well done!! three stone is an AMAZING achievement. Thanks for being an inspiration x



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