Current Beauty Wishlist #4

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As a serious shopaholic, I create a lot of wishlists. I am constantly online looking at all the new products that are hitting the shelves and I convince myself I need them all. I am currently saving for my trip to Wales and I haven't bought a inch of makeup since the start of September. While I am pretty proud I lasted this long, but I cannot wait to hit the shops in Cardiff and buy everything (slight exaggeration) 

Onto the want list. First up we have Laura Mercier Artist Palette. I wanted the one that was released last year, but could not find it anywhere and so this year I am determined to get one. This years palette is a absolute beaut. It has such a gorgeous ray of colours from matte to shimmer and from brown to plum, I have to get this palette. Moving onto my addiction to Real Technique brushes, it was no surprise I would have to have the limited edition set. Apparently these are going to sell out like hot cakes, I have actually already pre ordered them, but in my defense my mum is getting them for me for Christmas. Excited is not a word!!!

Moving onto a slightly pricier item and that is Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light. I have actually wanted to try this powder for a while. However Hourglass is not widely available in Ireland, so I have a plan to hunt it down in Cardiff, if not I shall have to make sneaky John Lewis. This powder leaves the skin looking radiant, healthy and glowing. Its very hyped about so I'm hoping its not one of those products that get all that hype and ends up disappointing. Lastly Essie have a new collection out for the holidays and of course they look incredible. I can't turn down a glitter polish, you know me, so I shall have to buy one or two or three......Seriously someone come and stop me.

So there you have it a quick little makeup wishlist. With 11 days till Cardiff I am seriously counting the days down. 

What are you lusting after?


  1. I really want the Real Techniques brushes! I have the other sets and I'm in love with them! I haven't pre-ordered them.. but I think I should.. Should I? I'll cry if I don't get them! Damn Limited Edition!!

    Cint @ Makeup and Messes X

  2. It's like you wrote this for me because I'm seriously lusting over all the same things as you haha! So strange.. You have good taste tho :P

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  3. Just to say, I think the Hourglass powder I have is dim light and I'm planning to sell it so if you want it give me a tweet!

  4. I want those Essie nail polishes to, you don't happen to know what they are called Lauren I can't find the name? Xx

  5. They are called luxeffects, 2013 collection. Boots had them

  6. I have one of the LE Essie polishes, they had it out last year as well. It's the rose gold one called A Cut Above and it is SPECTACULAR x


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