Fragrances for the colder months

a collection of winter scents

As the weather changes so does out scent preferences. We tend to ditch the sweet, smelling scents and opt for something a little more musky and stronger. So I thought I would share with you my favourite fragrances for the colder months. 

First up is Vera Wang Princess Night. This is a gorgeous perfume, that is very similar to the original Princess form Vera Wang but a lot more muskier. If the smell doesn't get you, the gorgeous bottle will, a heart shaped bottle covered in black/purple glitter. It looks so pretty on the dressing table. Next up is one I highly recommend and this is Lancome's Midnight Rose, this perfume literally lasts all day and you can get a sneaky whiff of yourself every so often, its absolutely gorgeous. I highly recommend you pop to your nearest Lancome counter and get a whiff of this one. 

Moving onto my all time favourite perfume and that is Calvin Klein Euphoria. We all have those perfumes that when we smell them, they bring back floods of memories, well this is mine. I love love love this perfume, its more on the muskier side so its defiantly a winter fragrance but its not too strong. I first bought this perfume in Paris when I was 14 and I have bought around 4 bottles since. Its my all time fave. Lastly is one that I got last year and thoroughly enjoyed using it through the Christmas season. Lady Gaga Fame perfume is a surprising favourite as I'm not her biggest fan. It has a very unusual smell and can only be described as those Parma Violets sweets with a sweeter smell. Its a black liquid so avoid spraying this one on your clothes or it will stain. 

So those are my go to fragrances for the colder weather, what Perfume do you love wearing this time of the year? 


  1. I love the Lady Gaga perfume :) My favourites at the moment are The Body Shop White Musk & White Musk Sun Glow xxxx

  2. Calvin Klein Euphoria is truly incredible! It has such a rich and unforgettable scent



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