Neal Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep Concentrate

An organic Sleep Balm

An organic sleeping balm

I was recently contacted by NYR Organic  and I was told they read my post on Bedside Beauty and wanted to help with my insomnia. I literally jumped at the chance as I would do anything for a good night sleep. 

Neal Yard Remedies or NYR are an organic company that was founded in London and have a range of skincare and beauty products. They are a worldwide company, but if you live in England you can pop into a store to see what they have to offer. 

I was sent a product called Beauty Sleep Concentrate which is a an essentially a sleep balm but does have other benefits to the skin. The product itself comes in a sleek blue bottle that looks really high end skincare and it comes with a pump dispenser making it easy to get the product out. 

The actually product inside the bottle is a white cream, that smells pretty amazing. It has this relaxing, calming, herbal smell, that once you get a whiff of it leaves you feeling calm and chilled. You are meant to apply the product to your skin at night time and it supports your natural nighttime rhythm, making you fall asleep easier and relaxing your body. Usually when I hear about products like this I never believe they can work, but Beauty Sleep Concentrate has changed my mind. It really does work. I'm not sure if its the relaxing aroma, or the fact my brain is thinking it should work  I'm not sure, all I know that since using it I have had no problem falling asleep, usually I would lie there for hours not being able to sleep. There are odd nights where I still lie there not being to go to asleep, but overall my sleeping habits have changed for the better around 80%.

The cream itself is meant to help target premature aging and increases the skin moisture levels up to 98% while you are sleeping. Which is strange cause usually this time of year my skin is always dry but its still oily so maybe it has improved the moisture levels. I haven't noticed any difference in terms of premature aging, I still look 22, but maybe used on older ladies it you may notice a difference.

Overall I am really impressed. Its a lovely product to use when your either stressed out and need to relax and chill, or if you are having trouble sleeping this will sure to keep you soundly asleep.

Beauty Sleep Concentrate retails for €41.20/ £31.50

*disclaimer, this product was sent to me for review purposes, this however does not change my opinion of the product, all my reviews are 100% honest*

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  1. I love this product. It's so calming and you can tell you've used it in the morning! x


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