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The last time I did a What's In My Bag was three years ago and being the handbag addict I've probably had twice as many bags since then. I decided to do a post on whats in my bag, as I love reading them and I'm also super nosey and love reading what people carry around with them. I won't say my bag is super exciting, but I don't like to carry a lot around with me, its bad for your arm and if its too crowded in there it takes me ages to find anything in there.

This is my shopping bag, I usually use a bag that goes around the body for daily tasks like running to the shops or the post office etc, but when I'm traveling, shopping or an occasion this is my go to bag. I bought it from ebay and I love it, its meant to be a Celine style bag, as we all know Celine bags are so expensive so a good alternative is great.

Starting off with the obvious, my purse. I got this as a gift from my parents as a present from Rome. Its a little tattered now but I haven't found anything I like, to buy a new one so I will stick with it until then. I also carry around a notepad with me, I write all my blog posts stuff down in there, I also use it to write down products I see on blogs that I may want to try. To go with that I have a pen, nothing fancy but it does its thing. I love listening to music or watching youtube videos on the bus so I always carry headphones. 

Now I always always carry a bag inside my bag, random you may think but these little bags come in so handy. When your out shopping and you decide to go to Penny's/Primark and it rains and the bag spilts, well this is where my little pug bag comes in handy. Many times I have had a bag spilt and contents rolling on the floor, Penny's bags are the worst. 

As for beauty, I keep my contacts and eye drops cause I was told my eyes are super dry, even though they dont feel it. These drops are great thou. I also keep some spare bobbles and my tangle teezer as my hair gets so knotty. To keep my skin free from oil, I use these Kleenex oil absorbing sheets and then to refresh my skin I use Caudalie Beauty Exlir. In terms of lipstick, I have three which is good for me, as usually I have around 6. I keep Mac See Sheer, Chanel Suspense and Maybelline Pink Shock in my bag.

So that's my bag, hope you liked this style of post. Let me know what essentials you keep in your handbag.


  1. Your bag is so organised and lovely! Mine is a mess of old rubbish and makeup, I really should sort it out! Lovely post x

  2. Thank you for sharing the link to your bag! I've ordered it. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!


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