Tame Your Brows: Best Products For Your Brows On A Budget

Tame Your Brows: Best Products For Your Brows On A Budget

Tame Your Brows: Best Products For Your Brows On A Budget

There is nothing worse than an unruly brow. Lets face it, you get your makeup all perfect and your brows look crazy. Everyone knows that your brows makes or breaks your face, so its important to get it right.I have put together some products that will help you keep your brow in place and look great all day and best of all it wont break the bank. 

Now some of us have sparse brows and some of us have rather full brows so its important to use the right product. I have rather dark brows, but they are quite sparse. Depending on what type of look I am going for I use a number of different products. For the person who needs to fill in sparse brows I recommend Sleek Brow Kit, this is a great little product that contains a powder and a wax. The powder is used to fill in the brows and the wax is used to keep them in place. Sleek brow kit comes in two shades light and dark. If you wanted a product where you could fill in your brows but also maybe extend them or thicken them, the Rimmel Brow Pencil is great. This pencil comes in  a few shades so there is one for everyone. Its a rather easy product to use as the product is creamy and it wont drag on the brows. It also comes with a brush on the end to groom them while you fill them in. 

If your brows are not that sparse and just need to be tamed, I highly recommend Maybelline Brow Drama. This product is a coloured gel that adds a tiny amount of colour, it really is a tiny amount. The product itself keeps your brows in place all day and looking neat and tidy. If you don't like the idea of a coloured brow or can't find one to suit your brows a clear brow gel is great. I love Essence Brow Gel as its keeps them in place all day without leaving them hard or crusty feeling. A clear gel is also great for use with sparse brows that need to be filled in. You can't really go wrong with a clear mascara gel. 

So there you have it four great product for under €10 that will have your brows looking groomed. No need to have your brows ruining you day again. 

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