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These crayon /chubby stick lipsticks are everywhere and it seems every brand is jumping on board with releasing them. With all that choice its hard to know which ones are the best and which ones have what qualities. I have picked my top 3 from my collection to show you today.

First up if you want a pigmented lipstick/gloss then you need to be hitting up the Rimmel stand or the Kiko Store. The Rimmel Colour Rush are amazingly pigmented and come in some gorgeous colours that fit every season. They are not only creamy, pigmented and affordable but they are super long wearing. As they fade off your lips they leave a stain or a nicer way of putting it, a hint of colour on your lips. The shade I have here is Rumour Has It, which is a raspberry shade that is a perfect red/pink colour and suits the autumnal weather so well. Next up is one from Kiko. The Kiko Creamy Lipgloss are again super creamy, pigmented and affordable. The only disappointing thing about Kiko is it isn't easily available in every country. So my advice is, if your hitting up a European country such as France, Italy Or Spain etc, you have to call into Kiko and pick one of these up. Unlike the Rimmel Colour Rush, these tend to not leave a stain as they fade, but the simply fade out to bare lips without going patchy or dry looking. 

My third and last lipstick crayon is for people who prefer a little less colour and a little more gloss. If that is what you are looking for then Bourjois Colour Boost lip crayons are for you. These little beauts are so moisturizing and they have a hint of colour from wearable peach to vampy purple depending on what shade you are looking for. These were my favourite product of the summer and I don't even like glossy finishes on my lips, but they totally converted me. 

So there you go my recommendations to the famous Lip Crayons. I hope I have helped in your quest for the perfect one. 

Have you tried any of these? What ones do you like? 

Fave Shade Recommendations 
Bourjois- Peach On The Beach (shown above), Orange Punch, Prune
Rimmel - Rumour Has It (shown above), Give Me A Cuddle
Kiko: Pearly Fuchsia (shown above), Peach Coral


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