I love rearranging my bedroom, especially my vanity area. I did a post a while back about my new table and I had everything so super clean and neat, but I like to see my fave products out in front of me so I have added a few things to my table, plus I like how it adds a little girliness to my bedroom. I still keep it neat and clean, but having things at hand is so much easier when filming and writing blog posts. 

First off the table is from a local shop but is available here. It also has a drawer which contains products I need to review and then some general rubbish thrown in the corner. Basically its kind of messy hence why its not in the photos.I really really really want Muji storage drawers but I am one of those people that move things around so much, I know I will invest and end up wanting to get rid of them, So I have put together some little alternatives. I store my most used Nail Polishes in a Muji Pencil holder that I got in Paris, I basically turned it on its side, stored my Barry M faves in the unit and my other faves on top. I thought it gives it a little bit of a cleaner storage effect. I stole a white dish off my mum and stored all my faves lipsticks in there, I try to keep my room with the same theme, so white decorations are the main thing. 

As for my makeup brushes, I have all my face brushes in a white candle holder that I got ages ago and the eye brushes are in a container that I also got from Paris Muji Store. I couldn't help myself with the cute rose printed vase that stores all my cotton pads. Its handy as it has a lid to keep all dust building up on the pads. Lastly on the table I have 2 candles, I am a candle addict, The purple one is from Glade and smells like walking into a lush store, the other one is Yankee Candle Christmas Eve, which I haven't lit yet. I also keep my fave perfumes on the table and my everyday makeup bag. I have a mirror but I keep it in my cupboard, mainly as I didn't like it on the table. 

For blogging and reading purposes I keep some of my latest magazines, I find them nice to read, or for price reference or product reference when I'm blogging. So there you have it my updated vanity tour. I hope you enjoyed this post. I love reading these kind of posts so link me up in the comments if you have one.