Easy Christmas Nails- Reindeer Style

Reindeer Nail Art

Reindeer nail art

tools for simple nail art

Now, I am no expert when it comes to nail art and there are probably a whole load of better posts, but I wanted to show you guys, that even the beginners can achieve a very festive fun nail look for the Christmas season. I don't actually own any nail art tools, so this is defiantly a craft job. 

All I used to create this very festive look was a Bobbi Pin to create the white dots and for the reindeer eyes, I also used an old thin tipped eyeliner brush to draw on the smaller details such as the reindeer's antlers. In terms of shades, you will need a Red, White, Brown(which I forgot to photograph, I used Barry M Mushroom) and a Black polish. You may also want to keep some nail polish remover at hand in case of any mistakes. Now we know what we need, onto how to do this. 

  1. Paint 4 of your nails red leaving your accent nail
  2. Go ahead and paint the remaining nail brown for the reindeers face. 
  3. You may want to apply a second coat of each polish, once the first layer is dry. 
  4. I started with the dots, I basically bent my bobbi pin and dipped it into the white and randomly dotted it around the nails. Big dots, small dots, just go crazy. 
  5. Once all the dots are done, time to move onto the little reindeer. I started off with applying some red to edge of the nail. I used the brush from the polish for this. 
  6. I then used my bobbi pin again to create some eyes. 
  7. Next I took my eyeliner brush and drew a cross for each antler, to be honest mine are far from perfect, but no one can really see. Actually they kind of look like bushy eyebrows.  
  8. Lastly to bring your reindeer to life, dot some black pupils in his eye and you have got yourself a fine set of Christmas nails. 
So there you have it, like I said, I am no expert, but its Christmas and if you can't wear awesome nails this time of the year when can you. 

Let me know if you create these. Tweet me a pic @laurenmariemua

Have fun! 

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