MUA Matte Lipsticks Full Collection & Swatches

MUA Matte Lipsticks Full Collection & Swatches

MUA Matte Lipsticks Full Collection & Swatches

MUA Matte Lipsticks Full Collection & Swatches
When I found out MUA were releasing a matte range of lipsticks, I was excited to say the least. MUA do the best budget lipsticks and for £1 a piece they are a total steal. Being in Ireland, MUA is not easily available unless you order online, however my friend Jess from Lovely Jubbly Blog had bought me the entire range and I was delighted to receive them last week.

At the moment MUA only have 5 colours in the range but I'm sure they will release more shades as time goes on. However they currently have a shade to suit everyone's preference from nude to more daring shades like red. In fact the dark shades in this range aren't that dark and are totally wearable to people who don't usually like to go to cray cray with their lipstick. The packaging as you can see is different from their regular line, opting for a white tube this time instead of black and of course the removable bottom which contains a matching lipgloss. 

First up we have Pouty Pink, this is your typical pink that isn't too bright, but more of an everyday pink. Its more of a baby pink that looks really nice on the lips. One thing I have found with these lipstick is that they apply a lot lighter than the bullet. 

For the red lip lovers Scarlet Siren will surely be up your street. A nice bright fresh red shade that makes your lips look plump and glamorous. These is a shade that would look amazing with a winged liner, to give you that Hollywood look. 

If you prefer your lips to be a little more winter appropriate then the Wild Berry shade is perfect, although very dark in the bullet form, wild berry is a very sheer plum shade that looks really pretty on the lips and would look great on a wintery day. 

If you like more nuder lips but still want a touch of colour then Peachy Keen is your man, this is a peach shade hence the name that just looks effortless on the lips. 

If you are looking for a total nude shade then Totally Nude is defiantly the one you should buy. This is a very nude colour, that makes the lips look like a blank canvas. Its very similar to Revlon Nude Attitude. Its more on the orange side so its not like you have concealer all over yours lips. 

So those are the shades. I personally love Scarlet Siren and Wild Berry the most, as they are my perfect shades. I am not too keen on Totally Nude but I never really like that nude lip look anyway so that's totally personal preference. The other two shades I think would be lovely in the summer time, they are the type of shades I would throw in my handbag and apply to get a natural everyday lip. As for texture, even though they are matte, they are not drying, they don't feel moisturizing or anything but they don't make your lips dry either they are kind of in between, they almost feel like a cream, but a thick cream if that makes any sense at all. They are really easy to apply as they literally glide over the lips, even the red shade is easy to work with. 

Overall I really like this collection. I think MUA have done a great job of introducing a Matte formula into their line. I highly recommend checking these lipsticks out and for just a £1 each you can't really go wrong. 

You can shop the collection here.


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