New Hair- Getting The Chop

New Hair- Getting The Chop

I have been seeing so many bloggers getting the chop and I had a sudden urge to just grab a scissors and do it myself. Well that is exactly what I did, well my mum did but it was a homemade job. My hair had gotten so long, but with that it became so scraggy and dry it was horrible. I had a vision in my head that I wanted my hair a certain length and I could make it pretty everyday by effortless curling it, but in reality I let it grow and it went horrible and dry.  

So with that in mind, I gave my mum the scissors and told her to chop away till the dead ends are no more. I had three inches off. I then added some layers myself, which I learned to do after I watched a YouTube video. 

It feels so much better now and I really like the way it looks with just a tiny amount of a curl in it. I used Babyliss Glamour Waves tong this morning to style it. This styler is not good for creating curls it just gives it a very messy wavy look. So if you want curls don't buy this wand. I got it last year looking for something to create big curls and it didn't just a little heads up. If you want curls I really like Babyliss Pro Curls  this is better for creating curls. 

Moving on from that very random paragraph, I love my new hair, its looks in better condition, feels smoother and looks a lot more glossier. I'm entering 2014 with a new do and I love it. 

Have I inspired you to get the chop?