When the lovely Aisling from Total Makeup Addict announced she was running a secret Santa I was so excited. I have never done secret Santa before but have always been keen to do one. So I totally jumped on this chance. 

My secret Santa was Sarah from Rara Giggle's Blog, which worked out great as I knew Sarah and from what I received she knows me so well. Sarah explained to me in my card which is a gorgeous Forever Friends one that she picked the items for certain reasons, which makes it more personal and a lot more special. First up I received some socks with little doggies on them and Sarah bought me these for my love of animals and the fact that I adore my little furry friend Kenzie. I actually needed socks as I have a dog who thinks its funny to steal them and hide them, I cant count the times I have found socks under peoples beds. Next I got a Yankee Candle In Snowflake Cookie which first up is pink and goes with my room and smells incredible. I love candles so this present made me happy. I also received a bath bomb from Bomb Cosmetics shaped like a Christmas tree and literally smells incredible, its smells sweet like an apple but also has a Christmas spice to it, maybe cinnamon, I'm terrible at scents. I cannot wait to use this, I am saving it for a vacation trip I have planned. 

I also received a nail polish from Rimmel, this is the precious stones collection and its in the shade Diamond Dust, which is a purple undertone, with silver glitter. I have tried this and it looks amazing on and looks great with just two coats. Knowing I am a lipstick aholic Sarah got me a lip crayon from Catrice and wanted to me try one from this brand after she saw my post on my all time fave lip crayons. The shade is called 'Don't Think, Just Pink' and is a gorgeous light pink shade that looks great on the lips, I can see myself getting more shades from this range. Lastly Sarah got me an eyeshadow from Catrice. Its a chrome shadow in the shade Bombay Bauble, this is a grey black shade with a hint of sparkle so is perfect for new years eve for that sexy smokey eye look. 

I love everything I received and I am so grateful, a lot of thought went into my gift and I want to say a big huge thanks to Sarah. Also a big huge thank you to Aisling, for organizing  Secret Santa.  

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