A New Year.....A New Wishlist

As part of my New Years Resolutions I am to buy less makeup and in fact spice up my wardrobe instead. I hardly ever buy clothes or even accessories for that matter, so this year I will do just that. I ain't talking about turning into Carrie Bradshaw, I just want to have nice clothes and pretty accessories. With the exception of those makeup brushes everything else is fashion orientated. 

What are you hoping to buy this year?


  1. I know I'm a bit like you this year I will be buying makeup just not so much, and no more skincare I have to use some up, I need clothes to, I'm literally lusting after those pandora earrings so beautiful xx

    1. the earrings are gorge aren't they. they are a little expensive though.

  2. This year I REALLY need to get some new make up brushes. Those ones look good so I might keep an eye out!

  3. oh my gosh that is the most gorgeous pink bag ever!!aww so pretty!:)xx

  4. OMG! that dress is so cute, Best of luck!



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