Acrylic Makeup Drawers

Affordable Acrylic Makeup Storage
makeup drawers holding fave lipsticks
lipsticks in acrylic makeup drawers
some eye palettes in acrylic makeup drawers

Lets face it we all drool when we see acrylic makeup storage. I have lusted after Muji drawers for the longest time, however Muji isn't the easiest place to order from, with shipping costing more than the product it really wasn't worth my while, so I went on the hunt for a more available alternative. I got this four drawer unit from Home Store & More, it cost €17.99 and while it is sold as a jewellery drawer, you can just pop out the black felt that lines the bottom of the drawers and place in your makeup. 

I love rearranging my makeup, its kind of a hobby of mine, more of an obsession if I'm honest. So having this drawer allows me to switch it around when I want. At the moment I have my most used lipsticks and eye palettes. In the first two top drawers I store my fave 'higher end' lipsticks and in the other small drawer I store my fave lip crayons. Then moving onto the larger drawers, I keep my most used drugstore lipsticks in there, ranging from Bourjois, Rimmel, Revlon and MUA. Lastly in the last drawer, I have placed the palettes I am either testing or want to get more use out of. 

I think these drawers are great, you can even place your everyday makeup in there instead of using a makeup bag, making makeup application quick and easy. I also think it adds a little something to your bedroom and looks lovely on the dressing table. If Home Store & More isn't available in your area, I have seen numerous ebay sellers selling the same thing with a few extra options so you will be spoilt for choice. 

Have you got acrylic makeup storage? Is it something that interests you? 


  1. I love acryllic drawers!! My bedroom is currently being decorated and I def want to get some when it's all finished :) They look so pretty, especially with the nail varnishes on top :)

  2. Great option. I've seen the clutter box ones but they are so expensive!! These are great.

  3. I miss having a makeup collection to organise lol! Yours looks nice and organised :)

  4. I have always kept my make-up products in an old make-up bag :( it always takes ages to find what I need! I think I'll switch to acrylic drawers soon :D

  5. The day I read your post I went into Homestore+more and there was none left! poo!


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