Current Beauty Wishlist #5

Current Beauty Wishlist

I think its safe to say  I love to create wishlists, maybe a little too much. I read so many blogs and I see so many products I want to try out and if I didn't create wishlists, I will forget all about them. Also writing about them fills my need of wanting them....kind of.

So on the list this week we have pretty much the whole 'Final Cut' collection from Nars. This collection screams me, it pink, peach, orange and nude shades. Its like they designed it for the girly girl. I simply love it. I want all the blushes and all the lip crayons, considering the blushes are €29 each and the lip crayons are €25 each, the possibility of me having the whole collection is very very very slim. Unless I win the lottery....(could happen)

The next item is Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch, this is a primer, that blurs out pores and blemishes, giving you the perfect base for foundation. I have read really good reviews about this and cannot wait to get my hands on it. Anything that gets rid of pores and makes everything look smooth is a winner in my eyes. 

Moving onto a little more luxury, ever since Marc Jacobs released his makeup line, I have browsed the internet for hours drooling over everything, one thing I have my eye on (pun intended) is the eye palette in The Lolita, this palette is gorgeous. Its a neutral toned palette, yes another one, like I need another one, but this one looks so perfect. There is a good range of finishes in the palette and the colours are divine. There is a review on it here including swatches if you want to take a peak. 

Lastly a gorgeous little palette from Charlotte Tilbury, this whole makeup collection makes me want it all, but this palette in particular, is something I need. I blame Liana Beauty for this one as when she wears it, I am like I need you little palette. The palette is called Dolca Vita and contains four shadows 3 on the neutral side and one that makes the palette so tempting and that's a burnt amber shade. Ah talking about it now makes me want it even more. 

So there is my wishlist, what is on yours this month?

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  1. I want these items too! Especially the Marc Jacobs palette! :))


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