How To Cure Hormonal Acne

How To Cure Hormonal Acne

Some of us break out and can never quite understand why, we spent loads of money on acne treatments trying to cure it, when in fact, the problem lays within our body itself. Hormones who the hell needs them...not me! I have suffered with acne for many years, until recently I never knew what was causing it, why have I got acne? I drank loads of water, I ate healthy home cooked meals, I was baffled. I then did a little research and discovered all about hormonal acne. That little pain in the arse that attacks our skin and sometimes not only when aunt flow comes to town (sorry for painting a picture). I was breaking out left, right and center. 

I gave up dairy a few months ago and while it cleared up my skin, I still had big spots on my chin area. Knowing it was probably hormonal, I took to the internet again and looked up some ideas how to cure it, after being to the doctors previously and being told the only thing that would cure it was being put on birth control, but they have yet to make a lactose free pill so lactose suffers this wont work for you, in fact if you do go on it your skin may end up worse so talk to your doctor before taking this option.

So with no other hope, I bought some Spearmint tea, this is known to help women with PCOS who have abnormal hormone levels which I have been tested for, but yet to have a scan. Spearmint tea balances out your hormones and helps reduce the male hormones in your body, this causing less spots, and even though we don't all talk about this causing less excess body hair, which less face it, if it can fix that its worth drinking. I have been drinking 2 cups of spearmint tea day and I have noticed a massive difference, I have not gotten a spot on my chin area for 4 months and even when its the time of the month, I hardly break out, usually I would look awful the week before my period, but since drinking the tea, I just get one or two little spots. 

This has defiantly changed my life, in terms of controlling acne. I currently have no active breakouts and only breakout if I cheekily eat a bit of chocolate, but that's just my body rejecting dairy. Other than that my skin only has acne scarring, which to me is pretty damn special. 

I thought I would share this with you all, in-case you are at your wits end fighting hormonal acne and simply feel there is no cure. Although this isn't great to drink after around 5 cups you get used to it, but as the saying goes no pain no gain. 

You can check your local health store for this tea, but you probably will only find mixed mint tea, which wont work, it has to be 100% spearmint so places like Amazon and Ebay are your best bet. Hope this works out for you and if it does comment back and let us know.