a photo of nars guy bourdin day dream blush
a photo of guy bourdin day dream blush
a swatch of nars day dream blush
A swatch on the face of nars guy bourdin  day dream blush
Nars is probably one of my favourite high end brands. It seems to hit the nail on the head with all their products, although I am yet to try their foundations. Guy Bourdin a fashion photographer who has a bit of a reputation for himself and lets say it isn't all that positive to say the least. However Nars always seem to pull me in with their collections and although I didn't feel the urge to buy everything from this collection, I was gravitated towards Day Dream blush. 

I have wore this blush everyday since I got it. Its the perfect mixture between Orgasm and Deep Throat, although its a lot more pinker than those blushes. Its also more on the matte side as it only contains a small amount of shimmer, it actually lifts the face leaving it look plumped and healthy. I think this blush would suit all skin tones, its defiantly a complimentary shade and it looks great against fair skin. I think its the perfect everyday blush. 

I've said it before that Nars are one of my favourite brands for blush, the pigmentation is great, the staying power is really long lasting and of course the shade range is the best. I've looked on some websites and this is still available, so I recommend snapping it up while you can. I only hope this blush comes into the regular line as I think its one I would repurchase once all used up. 

You can buy Day Dream from HQ Hair and if you check out Voucher Box, you can always get a discount for the site.