Seche Snapdragon Nail Polish

Seche Snapdragon Nail Polish

Seche Snapdragon Nail Polish
I've finally found it, the perfect Barbie pink nail polish. I was recently sent this polish from Seche and being a newbie to Seche I honestly only thought they did the top coat, but they have a whole range of shades and this one in Snap Dragon is a beaut.

This is a very bright, almost neon shade. Its pretty much your typical barbie pink, which is perfect for the summer and can see it looking great in some sandals on my toes this summer. Snap dragon is a great texture aswell, you can get away with one coat, but two coats gives it a little more edge and better finish I did find this polish to be rather thick, but creamy thick not goopy thick. I did find that applying thin layers didn't work so going for one big thick layer is best. The brush is pretty standard, nothing to get excited about, but it works well and gets the job done.

In terms of finish this is highly glossy and gives the nails a salon look. Which is always nice. I love having my nails looking like someone has professionally done them, when in actual fact, I painted them the night before while sat in bed watching Gossip Girl. A very classy set up as you can see haha.

Overall I really love this poilsh, the colour is totally me, the finish is great and I got 5 days wear out it before chipping occurred, which for me is amazing as I tend to chip nail polish very quickly. I can see this being a huge staple in the summer months.

Have you tried Seche Polishes? What are your favourite shades?

You can purchase Seche Snap Dragon from  Look Fantastic 

Seche Snap Dragon Retails For €12.44/ £9.95 / $8.50

*disclaimer, this product was sent to me for review purposes, this however does not change my opinion of the product, all my reviews are 100% honest*

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