The Best Of Netflix Tv Shows

The Best Of Netlfix -TV Shows

Hey everyone, today I am doing something a little different from Beauty. I decided to do 'The Best Of Netflix'. I watch some much telly, sad but true, and I always love discovering new tv shows to get stuck into. So I thought why not put together a little post all about whats the best things to watch on Netflix. I think there is something here for everyone, I like a wide range of programmes, so I have included something for either the girly girl or the girl who likes to watch dark dramas. Here we go.

sons of anarchy, netflix
First up we have Sons Of Anarchy, my brother used to watch this and I thought what a load of rubbish, a show about bikers, totally not for me, but I gave it a chance and I have to admit, it is one of my favourite shows ever. Its not just about bikes, although it does look like it is. Its a show about an outlaw motorcycle club who run guns for the Irish. It mainly centers around Jax Tellers life (played by Charlie Hunnam) and his constant questioning of himself and the club. With its dramatic, explosive scenes this show is not to be missed. The writer of this show Kurt Sutter is a genius, his ideas are unique and each episode will have you thinking what could possibly happen next.  Also if that hasn't sold you Charlie Hunnam shows his arse a lot in this show......need I say more.

the office us, netflix
Next up is The Office US, this my friends is hilarious. Again another programme I didn't think I would like but after watching around 3 episodes, I found myself hooked. The Office is mainly about working in an office and its filmed to look like its all one big documentary. but it does actually have a story and you do get involved with the characters lives. With geniuses like Steve Carrel who plays Michael Scott and Rainn Wilson who plays Dwight Schrute, this will have you in stitches. If this doesn't make you laugh, I really don't know what will. 

dexter, netflix
If comedy isn't your thing, then Dexter is for you. Dexter is a programme about a very likable serial killer, who kills people who have done wrong in the world, I often think we need more people like Dexter to get rid of all the evil people in the world, but enough rambling. This show is very dark, but enjoyable. Its very cleverly written and highly addictive. His sister Debra is a treat with her foul mouth and her bad luck with man, she adds a lot to the show and makes it more enjoyable. I will say this though as I like to be honest, Dexter does have one or two seasons, which will bore you, but if you can get through them, you can really get involved in the twisted life of Dexter Morgan. 

breaking bad, netflix
Couldn't mention Netflix, without mentioning Breaking Bad. This show is the bomb. com it really is. I know a lot of people either love it or hate it, but I loved it. Its highly addictive, well written, great storyline, amazing cast and like Sons Of Anarchy, you never know what the hell will happen next. Walter White played by Bryan Cranston is a superb, memorable character and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) is a delight. In a nut shell the programme is about a man who gets inoperable lung cancer and turns to making crystal meth to pay for his hospital bills and so his family will be provided for when he is gone. The only problem is, power takes over Walt and this is when the drama unfolds  I think this show will go down in history and if you haven't seen it, watch it now. You won't regret it.

orange is the new black, netflix

Moving onto something a little different and that is Orange Is The New Black. This is a Netflix Original so its not on telly. This programme is about a women named Piper Chapman who is sentenced to a 15 months Jail sentence for transporting a bag full of drugs money which belonged to her girlfriend Alex. The show is pretty full on, its very interesting to see what goes on in Prison as it is based off a true story and you really get gripped to the characters in the show. This will have you laughing, gasping and possibly crying depending on how emotional you are. It truly is a little gem and I highly recommend it. Plus if you start now you wont have to wait that long till Season 2.

gossip girl, netflix

Lastly something for the true girly girl and that is Gossip Girl. A show all about how the other half live, but seriously its about the lives of Manhattans Elite as we are told on every single 'previously' lol. The show brings, drama, fun, back stabbing, secrets, love and friendship. I love this show, its the type of show you can watch and not have to worry or think about what's going on. Blair  is my fave, her sassy, not giving a crap attitude is brilliant, while Serena looks amazing in every scene. How can we forget Chuck....yummy! If you love girly programmes this is for you. 

So there you have it, the best of Netflix. These are just shows I like, other shows I recommend are LilyHammer, Arrested Development and if you have American Netflix, check out American Horror Story. 

Comment below and tell me what you watch?

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