Weekly Most Loved #1

Nars, 17, Trilogy and models own products

As part of a new series, I have decided to do a weekly most loved post every now and then, basically when I have been loving certain items. So to kick it all off, I thought I would show you what my most used products were this week, the week after Christmas festivities. 

Since I have't really been going anywhere over the holidays, I have either skipped makeup or when I do wear it is very basic. Two items of makeup that I have used religiously this week are Nars Day Dream Blush, which I will have a review on very soon, so I won't give too much away, but I love this blush, its the perfect everyday blush and I cannot stop wearing it. Another face product I cannot get enough of is 17 WOW 3 way Highlighter, this is the perfect product for giving your skin a little kick. It can be used as a primer, highlighter or you can mix it in with your foundation for a more dewy, glowy look. I love this product for the days my skin looks dehydrated from either drinking wine over Christmas or for days when it just needs a little pick me up. 

Non makeup items I have also loved this week are Trilogy Rosehip Oil, this is a oil that is used to help heal scars and red marks. I have been using it on my face, as I have a lot of acne scarring especially on one side of my face. I was kind of at my wits end trying to lighten them and was recommended to try this, I won't say its a miracle cure, but it has left my skin really smooth and I'm hoping over time it will fix the scarring.  Lastly as its been Christmas and New Years eve, I cannot get enough of glitter polish, in particular Models Own Northern Lights. I was given this polish from my parents for Christmas and I love it. Its a light lilac base with silver, gold, pink and purple glitter running through it. Its very pretty. 

So there are my weekly most loved items. Bit of a slow week, as I've been kinda roaming around the house in my lounge wear doing nothing lol. What have you loved using this week? 

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  1. That blush looks incredible, everytime I see a NARS blush I want it x
    Beautyqueenuk xx


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