Hi everyone, today I thought I would do a post that I have been asked to do on a few occasions. I just want to point out that I know I am not the most successful beauty blogger, I don't have a zillion followers or anything but I have been running this blog for over 2 years and I thought I would share some inside tips for beginners or for people who are already blogging and just feel they are stuck in a rut.

First off when it comes to running a blog, you have to be dedicated, posting a post every few weeks wont work in your favour, your readers need to know that you post regularly so they will return for more and hopefully follow. I know from experience working and running a blog can be very difficult and I feel the people who blog everyday and work full time are saints. I try to post every other day, however sometimes I may be busier than the last week and I only end up posting 3 times that week. Basically all you need to do is just post regularly, don't leave giant time spaces between posts. 

Another tip I have for you, is to blog about what you love, it will show in your work and people really appreciate a honest post. Try to post negative reviews as well, I like to read a blog that tells me if a foundation is drying, I mean let's face it the world is far from perfect and so every beauty product isn't going to be perfect either. Try to be honest in what you write and don't be afraid to let your personality show through, in other words don't write posts like you are reading the details off the back of products. Adding humour and personality will make you stand out from the others.

In terms of what you actually blog about, I see a lot of sponsored posts on blogs and to be honest it really turns me off, I think people feel that in order to have a successful blog you need to be loved by PR company's and you need to be sent every single product that is released. I honestly feel those types of blogs that get everything are the ones I avoid. I feel most of the time I can never trust those blogs as I feel they just say they like things to receive more products and it gets rather boring reading blogs who never buy any products themselves. Not all bloggers who receive things all the time are like this, but there are a selected 'big' bloggers who are. Don't get me wrong, I get sent the odd product but I have always been honest and actually think I may have annoyed a company or two by being honest, but I feel if I didn't like it then I have to be 100% truthful. So the point I'm getting to is don't be disheartened if you don't receive products to review as I think it makes your blog more interesting, when you buy the product yourself and you tells us what you really think. 

Another thing I wanted to talk about is pictures. I know I will probably p a lot of people off by saying this but small tiny pictures are head banging. It doesn't matter if you don't have a an amazing camera, but just make the pictures big enough to see. Small pictures on a blog turn me off and I stop reading, I want to be able to see the products people are blogging about. 

Now we have the basics of it all, then comes design. I know myself I hate a messy looking blogs, maybe it's the OCD in me that can't read a messy looking blog or I am just a plain weirdo, but I think having a clean layout is a must for a blog. I mean you wouldn't read a magazine that looked all over the place. Designing a simple layout is pretty simple and there are loads of tutorials online how to do it. However if you really hate HTML you can hire someone to design your blog for you. I actually offer adorable designs Premade and Custom so you don't need hundreds of euros to have a nice looking blog. However think about it before you hire someone as you don't want to spend money then decide blogging isn't for you. 

Lastly comes promotion. Get a twitter and tweet all your blog posts, it's the only way. Twitter will become your best friend. Also it's a great place to meet other bloggers. Another way to promote is to get involved in #bbloggers chat, this allows you to talk about what you all love and also again gain new followers and discover new blogs. I also really recommend getting a blog lovin account, you be surprised how much traffic comes from blog lovin. 

So there are my tips, if you want me to do a organisation tips post I will, just comment below. But I think this is all you will need for the basics.