Inglot Freedom Palette - Eyes & Blush

Inglot Freedom Palette - Eyes & Blush

Inglot Freedom Palette - Eyes & Blush

Hey everyone, today I have a little review of a Inglot Palette. I had never tried Inglot before and had seen so many bloggers and youtubers taking about them and I really desperately wanted to get my hands on some, however being 3 hours away from an Inglot stand it was something I never really had the chance to get. However for Christmas my mum surprised me with a palette. She hand-picked the colours that are in here so I have no idea what the shades numbers are as once they are in, they are in. Ain't nothing budging them!

The palette I have is one for 3 shadows and 1 blush or bronze, depending on what you would like to pop in here. Knowing I love blush, my mother got me a blush so it was the perfect palette to travel as I had 3 shadows I could create a look with and a blush, in fact this type of palette is perfect if you travel a lot. I'm not 100% sure if they come in bigger sizes in terms of mixing and matching, but Inglot really have hit the nail on the head with this one. 

As I mentioned earlier I have no idea of the shade numbers, but I can tell you this, the shadows are all matte, which make perfect crease shades. I am always searching for matte crease shades and all these pretty palettes such as the naked series don't have enough matte shades. So having 3 great matte shades in my collection was a bonus. They are also super buttery and easily blended. As for pigmentation they are extremely pigmented, however the lighter brown is a little lacking in pigment, especially when blended onto the eye. I feel most brands have hit or miss shades but the other two are very pigmented. 

As for the blush, this is a berry pink shade with a tiny hint of shimmer, again super buttery and very pigmented. I was very surprised at how long it lasts on the face considering the price is very reasonable. It looks great with pale skin but you must use a light hand with it though as its very pigmented. I usually apply it with a duo fibre brush to avoid the clown look. 

Overall I am seriously impressed, so much so I have already planned that I am going to get another palette when I head up to Dublin. The best thing about Inglot is the affordable price for the amazing quality. I think these defiantly give Mac shadows are run for their money and when you think of the price difference its a no brainer really. 

Have you tried Inglot? What are you fave shades?

Update: I finally got the shadows out of the palette to find out their names so they are L-R 327, 357, 351, 38