Shaun The Sheep Compact Tangle Teezer

Shaun The Sheep Compact Tangle Teezer
I reviewed the tangle teezer a while back and I talked about, how I couldn't live without it. So as I have had mine for over a year now I thought It was about time I bought a new one, so when I saw this Shaun The Sheep one on Lily Melrose's blog, I knew I had to have it. 
Shaun The Sheep Compact Tangle Teezer

I searched the internet and finally found it on Look Fantastic. I quickly added it to the basket and didn't even think about the fact I was spending €15 on a brush that had sheep on it. All in the name of beauty eh? This is a compact styler so it is smaller that the original tangel teezer which I was a little worried about at first as sometimes i wish the tangle teezer was easier to hold, so I initially thought if it was smaller it would be harder to use, but it really isn't, its actually easier as it fits snuggly into the palm of your hand. Granted it was a little sore at first but since I've used it a few times, and the bristles have become more softer but it de knots me hair like a dream. It also comes with a special cover to protect the bristles, which is great because I'm convinced throwing mine in my drawer has ruined my last one. So hopefully this one will last longer.
Size Difference between original and compact tangel teezer

I really love this little guy, call me immature, but I think its super cute, yes I look like a little girl brushing my hair with it and it probably was marketed towards children, but we all know I will never grow up.

Are you tempted  to buy this for the sheep design? Have your found  better brush than the Tangle Teezers


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