Turning 23.....Oh Sweet Jesus

So today is my 23rd Birthday. I know I probably annoy some people by saying I am turning 23 and absolute dreading it. I just think there reaches a point in your life when up you realise, it's time to grow up and start being an adult, most of the time we are told this at 18 but let's be honest, none of us actually grow up when we hit 18, in fact we think we need to grow up so much we actually turn into bigger children.

So you can see turning 23, is a big one, turning 21 was big enough then 22 was just another year, but 23 is like turning 40. I feel so old. I look at my cousin who is turning 17 this year and I'm like arrrhhh, I'm a granny. Deep down I know 23 isn't old, so I have said to myself f**k it! time to start living. Time to start being who I really want to be, time to start building my career and actually live life and not just exist.

I told myself this year was the year I would fix everything that was making me unhappy. So that is what I am going to do. I am losing weight, currently 3 dress sizes smaller, I want to start doing what I need to do in life to make things happen for me. I need to start being less of a loner. Time to get out more, socialise and interact more, ditch the people who make you feel like shit. I just feel that your only young once and while you only have yourself to look out for, make life all about yourself, within reason of course.

So no more sulking, I turned 23 today! In the words of Peter Griffin, "Who the hell cares". 2014 is going to be a good year. Life is what you make it and I'm going to try and make it a pretty good one.

How are you feeling about your next birthday? What are your plans this year?

PS I'm currently in Dublin this weekend so expect a massive haul cause it's the last one till July (major spending ban)


  1. Happy Birthday Lauren :)

    I can totally relate to what you are saying but this only happened to me when i turned 25 just last december! And again, just like you, i do not consider 25 old, it's just how it made me feel inside, the same way you are feeling now. I really enjoyed your post, very motivational! I hope you can all of those things happen for you this year :) and enjoy your birthday!!



  2. Great post! I'm turning 26 in a few months and I'm feeling exactly the same way! I'm still not sure where I want to be or what I want to do with life, but until I do I'm going to enjoy finding it out! :) Enjoy your trip to Dublin and happy birthday :)


  3. A very happy birthday! I turned 30 in October and that was a huge thing to get my head around, leaving my 20's felt very strange but I don't feel any different, in fact I feel much happier and confident than I ever did at 21 or 23 so it's all uphill don't worry!

  4. Happy birthday Lauren! I also wasn't too crazy about turning 23 for the exact same reasons. There's definitely a certain pressure in our society to be "grown up" by your early 20s - have the career sorted, mortgage ect but it's just so unrealistic (not just economically) - we're constantly growing and changing. My 91-year-old granny still feels like she's 16! ;) Hope you're having a lovely day & congratulations on the weight loss, that's an amazing achievement! x

    1. i know, totally agree with what your saying. Thanks for the birthday wishes. x


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