Mac Fix+ Fluid Review

mac setting spray fix +
How often are you left looking way too chalky and dead looking after applying too much powder??? Enter Mac Fix +, this not only keeps your makeup on longer but helps get rid of that dreaded over powdered look. Sounds good right? Well it really is. 

I was struggling for a while with my skin, every foundation I was trying aimed for oily skin was making my face look like it had no life in it. No matter how much or how little I was wearing my skin just looked meh. I was at my wits end, so I took to the internet in search of a miracle product and found Goss Makeup Artists video mentioning Mac Fix + spray claiming it gets rid of the over powder look, I was sold as soon as those words came out of his mouth. 

A trip to Mac and €9.50 later I had the famous fix+ spray in my hands and I was putting it to the test. I initially bought the travel size one as I react a lot to products so if it did break me out it was only €9.50 wasted and not €18.50 (100ml) ( now that's smart beauty maths). Upon first applying I think I applied way to much, it literally squirts out and soaks your whole face, my top tip would be spray it from quite a distance from the face, rather than close to the skin like I did. It does leave the skin a little sticky within the first 10 seconds of being on the skin, but it shortly dries into the skin and leaves it looking great. Whatever is in it, leaves the skin looking like you have just given your skin a little pick me up almost like the Caudalie Beauty Exclir, but unlike that one it does have one extra benefit, it keeps oils at bay and keeps makeup on for a little longer. When is it never good to have long wearing makeup. 

We are all probably guilty of over powdering at some stage in out beauty lives right? well this will sort you right out if you ever find yourself stuck in that situation again, one spritz all over the face and it will bring you skin back to looking like skin again and not a powdery mess. I really do love this little miracle bottle of goodness. I wonder why it took me so long to buy it. So if your in the market for a setting spray that keeps your makeup in place but also adds a little extra dewiness then Mac Fix + is the product for you.

30ml €9.50-100ml €18.50
30ml £8.00-100ml £14.50
30ml $10-100ml $21.00

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  1. Would this be suitable for dry skin? Great tip about the travel size by the way!


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