Models Own Hypergel Nail Polishes Review & Swatches

models own hypergel polishes

Every now and then a brand releases something and the whole blogging world go crazy for them. All I have seen lately on my blog lovin feed is the new Models Own Hyper Gel nail polishes, so being the nail polish obsessive I picked up two to check them out and to see if they are worth the hype. 

Before I go into what shades I got, these polishes are designed to be the salon effect at home. Aimed to give you a glossy, 'gel like' finish and they promise to be super pigmented. I have always been a huge models own fan so I was excited to try these and I picked two shades that I thought  I would get the most use out of but sadly out of the two only one impressed me. 

First up is Pink Veneer, this is the prefect baby pink shade that when I see I can never resit even though I have about 20 shades so similar. Pink Veneer may look super pretty, but this is the one that I felt a little let down about. It takes about 3-4 coats to look good, otherwise its streaky and blotchy. On top of that each coat takes a week to dry (slight exaggeration) but its the case of such a pretty colour but the worst formula. It does however have a gel like finish but I just can't be bothered to apply coat after coat to get a good look. 
models own pink veneer

Next up is White Light, this is a opaque white shade, with just two coats to get full coverage, I really liked this one. I am always looking for a good white polish and I have found it. Again the same as Pink Veneer it gives a glossy gel like finish and looks like you have stepped out of a salon. 
models own white light

In terms of wear time, they last around 3-4 days without chipping, which is pretty good. The gel coating gives them a chip resistant guarantee. However as I was a little disappointed with the pink shade, I'm not sure if I will buy more from this range. I love the white shade but was a left feeling a little let down by the gorgeous pink shade that I am really on the fence about them. I'm not 100% sure why they are so hyped about, but there you have it, sometimes the most hyped products are the biggest let down. 

Have you tried these polishes from Models Own? What are your thoughts? 

You can pick up Models Own Hypergel Nail Polishes from Boots for €7.65/£5.00

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