Products & Tips To Help Acne Scarring

products for acne scarring

Ok so acne is a pain in the arse, lets face it but acne scarring is worse in my opinion. It takes forever to get rid of and its like a losing battle. I have 90% cleared my acne but I am left with some horrendous scaring, nothing covers it without looking like I am wearing a ton of makeup. So I have been trying a numerous amount of products to help clear up the scarring. 

First up before we go into products, sometimes you need to add something to your diet to help with the scarring. I have been taking zinc tablets for over 4 months and I have defiantly seen a huge difference in the texture and redness of my scarring. I am hoping a few more months of taking zinc tablets and my skin will be a whole lot better. You can pick up zinc tablets easily in your local chemist/pharmacy. 

Ok so as for products, I have tried numerous products some have worked and some have done nothing. First up is Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, this is a oil that comes with a dropper and has to be applied to clean skin. One thing about the Rosehip oil, is its one of those products that I wouldn't like to apply makeup over, I'm not saying you can't but it just leaves my skin a little greasy so I wouldn't apply foundation over it. I usually use this last thing at night after I've cleansed my skin. 

The next product is fairly new to me and that is La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo +, this is a new version of the original effaclar duo. The new version has an added ingredient of helping clear up scarring, I have been using it now for over a week and I have noticed a difference so I am looking forward to continue using it. One thing I will say about this when I first started using it, I was convinced it was breaking me out, but I stuck it out and it seemed to fix itself. One great thing about the effaclar duo +, is that it can be used as a makeup base so you can apply your makeup as normal after applying. Meaning you can use it both day and night. 

Another quick little tip is to apply a homemade mask. Basically throw some honey all over your face and leave it on for 10 minutes. I find this helps with redness and it leaves the skin super soft. 

So there are my tips for acne scarring. Its a long process it wont just happen over night. So don't be disheartened  if you are struggling to clear scarring up, there is a fix out there for everyone, it might just mean trying different methods to find the right one for you. 

Leave a comment below telling me any tips you have acne scarring or product recommendations, I am open to suggestions. 


  1. Ahh thank you for this post, I've tried sp many products but hasn't done anything to me! I don't have major acne but I had it on my chin, and no foundation or concealer covers the scarring.! Thank you!!

    1. I know how you feel scarring is the worst. Hopefully one day there will be a magic cream that gets rid of it fast.


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