ren hot cloth cleanser
I fell in love with hot cloth cleansers 2 years ago when I finally jumped on the Liz Earle band wagon, not only do they remove your makeup, they cleanse, slightly exfoliate and leave the skin glowing and soft. I was super excited to receive one from my fave skincare brand REN and I expected high things from it, so did it live up to expectations?

First up I don't know what REN is doing lately, but they seem to be making everything smell like Turkish Delight. For a product that has to be buffed into the skin, especially the face, its a very scrumptious smell. Aside from the gorgeous smell, this hot cloth cleanser is really great. I usually remove 80% of my makeup with bioderma, just because I hate to make the cloths on these type of cleansers super dirty from just one use. When you first apply the cleanser its very easy to blend, one pump is enough and it glides over the skin nicely. It is a very creamy consistency, but I don't find it too harsh for my oily skin, I don't feel it strips my skin of its oils in terms of it needing to produce more oil to compensate, which is a great thing for me personally. It does feel lovely and luxurious on the skin and the results are amazing. It removes all traces of the remaining makeup on my skin and leaves my skin soft and glowing. My skin looks like it has a little facial after I use it. 

One thing to talk about is the cloth, usually hot cloth cleansers come with a muslin cloth, they are thin, this one however comes with a thick almost cotton like cloth. I actually find it better, it seems to be a little less harsh on my sensitive skin. so people who are a little sensitive and feel most cleansers strip the skin this one may be for you. Basically the cloth means I can use it more frequently as it doesn't seem to be too rough for my skin. 

Overall I am super impressed with this cleanser, it feels great on the skin, smells amazing, does a great job of removing makeup and gently exfoliating the skin without stripping the skin and leaves the skin looking fresh. Its a little pricey compared to the No7 version, its more on the Liz Earle Price scale but I do feel it is worth the price tag. Compared to the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse, while I do love that one and it being a cult fave of mine, I do actually prefer the REN version simply as I find it more suitable for my skin type. 

You can pick up The REN Hot Cloth Cleanser from Cloud 10 Beauty or Marks and Spencer
Prices: €21.95/£16

*disclaimer, this product was sent to me for review purposes, this however does not change my opinion of the product, all my reviews are 100% honest*


  1. I really want to try this one!


  2. Oh I would love to try this... it sounds AMAZING! xx
    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. it is a great product. you should defo check it out :) xx

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