30 Day Spending Ban Challenge Update

Spending ban update

Hi my name is Lauren and I'm a Shopaholic, its been 10 days since my last purchase....but it feels like a month. Today I have a spending ban update for you. Jess and I started a spending ban challenge 10 days ago and I have to say it has been hard but we have helped each other. If I was going alone, I think I would have made some sneaky purchases. I am here to tell you all I have been good. 

I will admit I was faced with so much temptation. I went to town on April 1st and spotted nail polish on offer, my inner self was like oh my god, you have to get them, but I had a quiet little word with myself in a corner (not literally) and told myself no, be strong its only day 1.  I also got tempted by the Asos big sale, they have the best gift section and I was once again talking to myself saying no. 

The only thing I have purchased in the last 10 days is a birthday present for Jess haha. I am pretty proud. I did buy some gluten free rolls but food was allowed. Essential foods that is, I am currently on a diet as well, so its so bloody hard. I think the thing is when you know you cant do or have something you want it more. I guess its just the way life is. I will do my best to stick to this for the next 20 days. Can myself and Jess do this for another 20 days well in the words of Barack Obama 'Yes We Can'!!!

So roll on May 1st. I will say I think I am going to go on a big massive spending ban after this, as I am skint and I wanna take my mum on holiday this year so I better get used to not spending....sad times. Head on over to Jess's blog to see how she is getting on. 


  1. could never imagine doing a spending ban, though, i should probably do one haha! keep up the good work lovely xx

  2. We can do it! Stay strong and countdown has begun til May 1st! x


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