Blogging On A Budget- Tips & Advice

Blogging On A Budget- Tips & Advice

So as part of the spending ban collab with Lovely Jubbly, we thought we would give you some tips on how to blog on a budget. Most people including myself feel the need to go out and buy all the latest products just to review them on the blog. I'm sure most of us bloggers have wasted so much money on products we really didn't need. 

Blogging on a budget is actually really easy, you just got to think outside the box. First thing is to gather every single beauty product, fashion item etc that you own and make a list of what you can write about. Write about products you have been using for years, most people love seeing your most loved products as they are true honest reviews. After you have cleared out all your collection, go to department stores and ask for samples of products, most counters will give out samples so gather as many as possible. This tip works best for beauty bloggers. For fashion bloggers, why not take pictures of the collections that in shops or get street style posts, I'm sure most people would only love to have their picture taken (just get permission first). 

Next throw your hand at DIY posts, do it yourself beauty posts are very popular among readers, and if you  run a fashion blog make your own accessories, these type of posts show creativity and you are helping a few others save a few pounds. Lastly is to create posts like wishlists, get the lowdowns on the products that are not released yet, do top 5 or 10 posts and collab with other bloggers to come up with post ideas. 

So there are some tips on how to blog without spending a penny. Let me know if you have any ideas that you would like to share. Make sure to check out Jess's post to see what tips she has. 

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