DIY Easy Clean Vanity Table Makeup Mat

DIY Easy Clean Vanity Table Makeup Mat
keep vanity area makeup free

Hey everyone today I have another DIY post for you in collaboration with Lovely Jubbly Blog. We have teamed up for the month of April, put ourselves on a spending ban and thought we throw in some DIY projects while we were at it. I have created a easy clean makeup mat for your dressing table/vanity table so you avoid getting makeup all over the place. So what will you need for this task.

1 Piece of white card or any colour you want. 
1 sheet of laminated paper or that plastic sheet thing that comes in photo frames (fake glass)
Some Glue/ hot glue, prit stick or pva glue.
A pencil 
A steady hand, mine is a little crooked. 

First get your white card and draw whatever design you want, you can even leave it square, but I cut mine into a heart shape cause my desk is small and I like hearts. When drawn cut it out, Then trace around the laminated paper and cut that out so they are identical. Mine was a little off, but I tidied it up once I stuck them together. 

Next grab some glue and place along the edges of the card and place the laminated sheet cut out over the top and press down so they are stuck together well. If you actually have a laminator machine, you can pop it in there to make sure its stuck together forever, I didn't I just got some laminated paper left over from a previous project. 

Then once dry pop onto your vanity table and apply your makeup as normal then any spillage just wipe clean with a makeup cotton wipe or even a tissue. Viola! 

Head on over to Jess's Blog to see what she has created. If you make this, let me know. 

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