How I Store My Nail Polishes

how i store nail polishes
Nail Polish Storagehow i store nail polishes
how i store nail polishes

Hey everyone, I thought I would do a quick post on how I store my nail polishes, I use this storage solution for my fave, most used polishes, the rest are in my drawer. I also love this storage because it looks pretty on my desk and adds a pop of colour to my room. 

I used to use these drawers for makeup (post here) but since getting my MUJI drawers, I was a little stuck for ideas as to what to store in this set of drawers. I didn't want makeup everywhere so I decided to pop in my fave polishes. In the top drawers I have some Essie and my Gelly Shine Barry M range. Then the second drawer consists of Models own, Kiko and Butter London and a few random faves and the last drawer contains my most used Barry M polishes. On top I keep my Bourjois 1 Second Miracle Polish remover and some hand cream from Soap & Glory. 

I thought this post might give you some inspiration as to store your polishes. The drawers are from Home Store and More and cost under €20 but you cant get them anymore online maybe in store but you can probably find cheaper ones on ebay. 

How do you store your polishes? 


  1. I might do this when I get my new desk, or maybe put them in my new helmer drawers! At the moment they are shoved in my bedside table and don't get used often. x

  2. This is a great idea! I store mine in a wooden mini IKEA set of drawers which I keep on a shelf in my bedroom.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  3. That’s a brill idea and it looks so pretty too!


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