Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer & Oil Absorbing Dry Shampoo

The Pillow Proof range is a collection designed to extend the wear time of your hairstyle. Which is always a good thing. Today I have a primer spray that prepares the hair on day 1 and a dry shampoo that cleans the hair that can be used on day 2. 

First up is the Express primer, this is designed to protect the hair against heat damage, give the hair extra volume and reduce the time of blow drying. It is also designed to leave your hair feeling stronger and looking healthier and protects against breakage. So does it do all that? Well I really cant say it cuts hair drying time, I haven't really noticed that at all but I do have thick hair so maybe that is why, however it does give my hair plenty of volume and leaves it soft. As a oily hair victim (slightly dramatic) this never weighed the hair down nor did it leave the hair oily. The spray itself smells a bit weird, but nothing too crazy that you would be put off. 

Next is the two day extender dry shampoo. This is designed to extend the life of your blow dry and absorb oils in your hair, giving you refreshed hair that makes you acceptable to leave the house. I actually really like the dry shampoo, its does a good job of absorbing oil, without leaving a white residue and it also gives the hair some extra volume and texture, which is always a bonus especially on second day hair. 

Overall I really like this range. If I could only pick one it would be the dry shampoo, the primer was nice however I feel there are cheaper alternatives out there for a lot less. Saying that though it was nice to use a heat protector that didn't make my hair feel greasy, so if you want a little splurge I highly recommend it. However the dry shampoo was the winner for me, I am so fussy with dry shampoo and this one defiantly gets a thumbs up from me.  

Both retail at €19.20 

*disclaimer, this product was sent to me for review purposes, this however does not change my opinion of the product, all my reviews are 100% honest*


  1. I'd really like to try that dry shampoo!

  2. The Dry Shampoo sounds amazing! I'm not sure the primer would be up my street as I don't really see how it can help extend your hair.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick


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