Shopping The Stash #1

rediscovered makeup

As part of the spending ban challenge that I am doing with Lovely Jubbly Blog, we have decided to do a Shopping The Stash post every Saturday for the month of April. I rarly go through my drawers, which is  a bad thing if something isn't in front of me I tend to forget about it so these types of posts are great to rediscover posts. So after going through my drawers I pulled out 5 items to create a look. 

Mac MSF In Soft & Gentle. €29.50/£22/$30
Soft & Gentle is a gold glitter highlighter, it can sometimes look a little too glittery the trick I've found is to apply it heavy handed and not to over blend it or the glitter seems to break up and go everywhere giving you the Edward Cullen look. Once applied nicely it looks amazing on the skin, giving you a sunkissed shimmery glow. Yes its very obvious, but its damn right pretty. 

Liz Earle Signature Foundation €25/£21
Liz Earle Signature foundation is a medium coverage satin finish foundation. It looks really healthy and natural on the skin. It applies like a dream and doesn't break me out. Its suitable for most skin types however if you have super dry skin, don't buy it, it will cling to those dry patches like a bitch. 

Mac Well Dressed Blush €23/£18/$21
I havent used this for over a year. How crazy is that. The thing with Well Dressed is its a pain to apply. It lacks in the pigment department and you feel like your in a losing battle applying it, but I do have a little tip, apply it with a very dense blush otherwise it wont show on the skin. Once on the skin it looks amazing. A perfect girly pink with a blue undertone, leaving your skin looking like it glows from within. Perfecto.

Rimmel Colour Rush Balm In Rumour Has It. €7.99/ £5.99/$6
Rimmel Colour Rush Balm in 'Rumour Has It' , a pretty raspberry shade is the perfect lipstick, its creamy, pigmented and last a good few hours on the lips. One thing about the Rimmel Colour Rush Balms are even though they are glossy sticks they are very pigmented which makes them the perfect little product if you ask me, a lot of these lip balm sticks are just gloss in a stick. Which I hate. 

Stila In The Light Palette €32.50/£25/$39
I loved this palette when I first got and a few days ago, I was browsing Blog Lovin and came across Ghostparties post on it and I dug it back out of my collection. This palette is perfect, it contains the right amount of shimmer and matte shadows, the colours are super complementary and they are nicely pigmented. I do have a full review of this palette if you want to see swatches.

So there was my first shopping the stash, anything in here tickle your pickle? What have your discovered lately?

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  1. Great post - and a nice change to be creating a look with already owned products! I'm guilty of having hugely full drawers but always buying new stuff! Good luck on spending ban!
    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

    1. I know I think it's easy to forget what we already have. Thank you, day 5 and I'm already breaking down haha

  2. The Stila palette looks so lovely! I haven't used my MSF from Mac in ages, maybe I'll include that next week! Great post, glad we decided to do it :) x

  3. This is a really good idea! I'm on a spending ban too so I think I might do this! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet


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