The Beauty Of Coconut Oil

uses of coconut oil

uses of coconut oil

There is nothing I love more than a multi use product. I was in my local health shop a few weeks back and noticed a jar of coconut oil, remembering  I had seen a youtube video of someone making their own cleansing balm I thought I would pick one up and give it a go. Since then I have been addicted to this little jar, it has so many uses, here are a few of my faves. 

Cleanser/Makeup Remover
This literally melts all your makeup off your face, applied to dry skin and massaged in, it not only cleanses the skin but gets rid of all your daily makeup. I usually apply it massage all around my face including my eyes and then remove with a face cloth. Voila, makeup is removed and my face feels like a baby's bottom. 

Grow Your Lashes
Applying this onto your lashes every night encourages growth. Its makes them super soft, nourishes them leaving them in top condition and gives them all the nutrients it needs to make them grow. Huge, long lashes, what more could you want. 

Shaving Those Hairy Parts
Applying it to the areas you need to shave is a great use for cocount oil. It helps with sensitive skin and moisturises them throughout the shave. Giving you a close, comfortable shave. 

Easy Hair Mask
Applying to the hair and leaving in for 15 mins or overnight what ever suits Either way it will leave your locks looking amazing. Just make sure to thoroughly wash out as it is an oil after all. 

Body Moisturiser or Massage Oil
Get someone to give you a back massage with this oil or apply it as a body lotion. Either way you skin will thank you when its feeling super soft.

Replace Normal Cooking Oil/Butter
Next time you fry up some chicken apply some coconut oil in the pan instead of normal oil. It tastes great and is way better for you. 

Oil Pulling....What Is That?
Oil Pulling is the new craze. You basically take a spoonful of coconut oil, pop into your mouth and swiss around for a few minutes, 20 mins is recommended. This has all sorts of benefit, it helps with getting all that bad bacteria out of you mouth, which may cause you to get sick, it help whiten teeth and overall teeth hygiene. I've also read it can help headaches. I have tried this, didn't find it too bad a little gross at first but I got over it haha. My teeth felt stronger after a week of doing it. Just remember when you spit the cocount oil out do it down the toilet or in the bin, incase it hardens in your sink. Unless you want a call from a hunky plumber....that's totally optional. 

So there are some tips for coconut oil, leave a comment below if you have any more. We would love to read them. 

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