Wet N Wild Lipsticks
Wet N Wild Lipsticks- Smokin' Hot Pink & Mauve Outta Here

When Wet N Wild arrived in Ireland I was beyond excited but it sadly took ages for it to arrive in my local town, so you can imagine how excited I was when I spotted it in a local chemist. I already own some of the eyeshadow quads so I opted to treat myself to a lipstick or two....

Its no secret I love bright lipsticks and with spring just arrived, though the weather says different and of course summer only a few months away, I went with two fresh bright uplifting shades. The first shade is Smokin' Hot Pink, this is a deep hot pink shade. Although it looks a little darker in the picture its more on the brighter side. I love shades like these as they add so much drama to the lips. The formula of Smokin' Hot Pink is very creamy, it almosts just glides across the lips. Which I love, being a girl with constant dry lips its nice for a bright shade to look smooth and glossy. The next shade is Mauve Outta Here, this is a vivid mauve shade with a slight lilac undertone. It reminds me a lot of the Maybelline Hot Plum lipstick but a lot less in your face, so if you fancied the look of that one but was a little put off by its brightness, mauve over here is more up your street. Again like Smoking Hot Pink its creamy and glides over lips.

I was really impressed with these lipsticks. For a mere €2.99 I wasn't expecting them to be that good, but I was proved so wrong. They are super pigmented, they look great on the lips and they have a wide range of colours. One thing I will say is because they are so creamy they do have the tendency to  smudge a little on your teeth and upper lip area, wish may be a problem with a shade like Smokin' Hot Pink, but I mean if you can get over that, they will be a nice little addition to your lipstick drawer. 

Wet N Wild Lipsticks Retail for €2.99/ $1.99