April Monthly Beauty Faves

best monthly beauty products

I feel like I haven't done a monthly beauty faves for ages. This month I have literally worn so little makeup as I have had a rather crap skin month. My skin has been breaking out left right and centre. I can't even pin point what is causing it. So this month I have wore little makeup and used a lot of treatments. 

First up is Garnier Micellar Water. I bought this on a whim as I saw it on offer in boots. I kinda love my micellar waters, they are easy to use, get the job done quick and save getting my wash cloths super dirty. I am so impressed with this one from Garnier I will be honest I didn't think I would ever find one as good as Bioderma and while its not as good as I find it doesn't remove waterproof mascara as good its defiantly a good enough dupe. Next is Ren Clear Calm Clarity Restoring Mask, this is a clay mask that I like to use when my skin is playing up, its so gentle and calming and helps with those sore big spots. It has a herbal scent but nothing too overwhelming. The clear calm range all smell the same so if you own anything from that range you will be used to it, but I really love this mask and recommend it to people who suffer with breakouts. 

Another skincare item I've been loving is the Ziaja Sensitive Soothing Day Cream. I apply this after shower all over my face and neck and its just feels amazing. It literally calms down redness and tightness I get after washing my skin. It also have a SPF 20 which is handy. It sits well under makeup and I literally have used this everyday in April. I will have full review up soon. As for makeup I have just been wearing a light foundation and loads of concealer but to perk up my complexion I've been using Nars Blush In Final Cut. This is a matte coral/peachy blush that I simply love. I have a full review of this blush along with swatches if your interested. Lastly I have just been popping a SPF lip balm from Kiko on my lips and this Kiss Balm in Apricot is perfect for everyday wear. Its a fresh look to the lips and keeps them super smooth. Full review here

So those are my April Faves. What have you been loving in the month of April? Have you tried any of these products? 

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