China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

Flip flop fantasy is a polish I have wanted for years. Ever since seeing it on MacBarbie07 years ago, I was desperate to get my hands on it. Recently while searching the interweb, I came across it on Beauty Bay, I added it to my basket without hesitation. It was like finally finding the treasure you have been searching years for, I know I sound sad, but anyone who has wanted something for a while and then they track it down will understand. 

The colour itself is a neon coral and I mean neon, it could blind you its that neon. I love the colour, but the formula is horrendous. Seriously this could be the worst formula polish I have ever tried. First coat is streaky and I mean streaky like a child has painted her nails, second coat is still streaky , third coat is little better but again they are streaks by the forth coat I have given up hope and patience. A ten minute job turns into thirty minutes and even then its not 100% perfection. 

I am so disappointed, I have longed for this polish for so long and while the colour is spot on the formula is crap with a capital C. This was my first China Glaze polish and I am in no hurry to buy another one. 

Now I must get my hands on the Models Own For Tan range as the colours are similar to this and anything will be better than this formula. 

Have you tried this polish? 

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